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Way Cool Designs' specialty is custom, fabric-covered Baby and Wedding books and albums that can be monogrammed to be one of a kind. They become a very personal keepsake to treasure for a lifetime. Each beautiful book celebrates either a marriage or the beginning of a new life.

Baby Books

Our Way Cool Designs Baby Books are individually made with your specifications in mind.

Each book is tailored with you designing your very own, one of a kind, personalized book of your baby's first achievements. You choose what you want in the following areas:

You begin by picking out the outside fabric (NOTE: Colors may vary from bolt to bolt) that wraps entirely around the book and is assembled to last a lifetime. 

Choose the Font Type or 3-letter monogram style and the thread color will match the Outside Treatment color.

Choose the type of Outside Treatment that you would like to have on your personalized book: 5/8 inch grosgrain knotted ribbon, 1 ½ inch grosgrain knotted ribbon, 1 ½ inch satin ribbon (Bowed or Tied in a knot), English Gimp trim, or a Tassel.

Themed Pages: to journal your baby's first five years

The theme pages are very cute pages to help tell the story of your baby. Themed Baby Pages typically include 72 pages of story telling of the baby's 1st achievements, with emphasis on the 1st year’s growth, including a page for each birthday 1-5, followed by the 1st day of school.

After the complete set of journaling pages (72 in all), there are 2 blank pages.

There are six different colors for Baby Pages, Or you can choose Photo or Scrapbook pages.

Wedding and Guest Books

The Wedding Collection offered by Way Cool Designs is a celebration of two people meeting, falling in love and getting married.

Each book is hand crafted with you choosing every detail to make it your very own custom book. Your beautiful new Wedding Book comes in a hard-sided durable box that makes a great keepsake.

First, you select the outside fabric that wraps completely around the book. (NOTE: Colors may vary from bolt to bolt.)

Then you choose a 3-letter monogram style to enhance the front representing the couple's initials. There are two ways of doing this; one is bride's first initial on the left, surname in the middle (bigger) and groom's first initial on the right. The other way to represent the 3-letter monogram style is to have the bride's entire name in this order, first initial, surname initial and third would be her middle name.

Next, you choose the outside treatment that usually matches the monogram thread color. Your choices are 5/8 inch grosgrain ribbon knotted, 1½ inch satin ribbon bowed, English Gimp trim, or a Tassel.

The inside pages have a sepia tone quality to them and will look elegant for years to come. The inside pages tell a complete story of how the couple met and everything that goes into their special day of nuptials including a place for guests to sign in and a place to list their wedding gifts.


When you have placed your order, please keep in mind that these are custom made keepsake books to last a lifetime and each book is made with your specifications in mind so all sales are final. You can expect delivery between three to four weeks.

Questions? Call us at (972) 221-7600

Fonts & Monograms

Each fabric is available with one of these Font Types or Classic Monograms Styles

When picking out the embroidery style for your personalized book, there are a couple options to keep in mind.

On wedding books this order is a little different. Typically, with older customs, the monogram was the bride's name in the same order as a baby book (i.e. first name, surname, second name.) But in modern times, it's the bride's first name on the left, then the husband's surname in the middle, and on the right the groom's first name.

All of these 3 letter monograms look great on WCD fabrics and add that personal touch that makes it a keepsake book for a lifetime of memories.

Classic Monograms Styles

(For Baby Books, Wedding Books, and Guest Books)


Style 38
More Style 38


Fish Tail
Style 6
More Style 6


Style 15A
More Style 15


Style #330
More Style 330


Style 1A
More Style 1A


Style #40
More Style 40


Style #674 Vine
More Style 674 Vine


Style #8 Block

Font Types


Regular Script
(Font 51)
More Font 51


Brush Script
(Font 56)
More Font 56


Fancy Script
(Font 69)
More Font 69


(Font 673)
More Font 673


Love Letters
(Font 661)
More Font 661


Dot Block
(Font 671)
More Font 671


Times Block
(Font 107)
More Font 107


Kids Alphabet
(Font 110)
More Font 110


New Wave
(Font 22)
More Font 22

Themed Baby Pages

Way Cool Designs Themed Baby Pages typically include 68 pages of story telling of the baby's 1st achievements, with emphasis on the 1st year's growth, including a page for each birthday 1-5, followed by the 1st day of school.

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