Fonts & Monograms

Each fabric is available with one of these Font Types or Classic Monograms Styles

When picking out the embroidery style for your personalized book there are a couple options to keep in mind.

Fonts - If you want a name on your book like Jack or Emma they are spelled out in thread in a font. All of these fonts look great on any of the WCD fabrics offered. Usually less is more when designing your personalization. In other words, if the person's name is "William Christopher Joseph Warren" and you will be calling him "Will" then "Will" should be your text in the desired font. We can fit 2 names on 2 lines but it can not exceed 14 characters.

Monograms - are 3 initials that make up a person's name. With all 3 letter monograms the middle letter is larger and signifies the surname. So if it's on a baby book then the letter on the left is their first name, the middle letter is the surname, and the letter on the right is their second name.

On wedding books this order is a little different. Typically, with older customs, the monogram was the bride's name in the same order as a baby book (i.e. first name, surname, second name.) But in modern times it's the bride's first name on the left, then the husband's surname in the middle, and on the right the groom's first name.

All of these 3 letter monograms look great on WCD fabrics and add that personal touch that makes it a keepsake book for a lifetime of memories.

Font Types

Font Type
Example (Click to enlarge)
Regular Script
(Font 51)
More Font 51
Brush Script
(Font 56)
More Font 56
Fancy Script
(Font 69)
More Font 69
(Font 673)
More Font 673
Love Letters
(Font 661)
More Font 661
Dot Block
(Font 671)
More Font 671
Times Block
(Font 107)
More Font 107
Kids Alphabet
(Font 110)
More Font 110
New Wave
(Font 22)
More Font 22


Classic Monograms Styles

(For Baby Books, Wedding Books and Guest Books)
Style 38
Fish Tail
Style 6
Style 15A
More Style 38 More Style 6 More Style 15
Style #330
Style 1A
Style #40
More Style 330 More Style 1A More Style 40
Style #674 Vine
Style #8 Block
More Style 674 Vine    
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